I Think It’s Time

Hardships often prepare ordinary people, for an extraordinary destiny…

-C.S. Lewis

Today on my way home from work, I got stuck in traffic like 80% of Americans. The first real snow of the season hitting my windows as I contemplated the last 10 months of my life and the things I wanted to accomplish vs. the things I actually did, and let me tell you the list is long. But, I can say that in all the things I wanted to do, there is a common theme. That theme being getting healthy and losing weight. I then asked myself, “Why do you even want to lose weight?” and the question just kind of lingered there in my head for awhile.

It’s been 10 months since I made the resolution to lose weight, probably the number one resolution to be made. every. single. year. Probably also the number one resolution to not be achieved by the majority of those who make it. Now I’m not saying I didn’t make a single bit of progress this year, but I definitely didn’t make nearly as much as I would’ve liked to. I began to think of the reasons why I didn’t succeed. They were all pretty similar;

  1. I didn’t even know how to start this journey.
  2. I didn’t make time for myself to even begin the journey.
  3. I chose other things to fill my time that didn’t have anything to do with my goals.
  4. I didn’t put my goals first.

Looking back on this, I now see how I can change some things for the future. With that being said, I decided to challenge myself to a #noexcusenovember. A whole month of no excuses, of setting small goals and accomplishing them. I know it’s already the 3rd of November so I’m running a little late to the party, but I truly believe that I can do this.

#NoExcuseNovember Goals

  • Get my ass in the gym for 30 minuets 5 days a week.
  • Lose 10lbs.
  • Plant based for the remainder of the month.

Now these goals are pretty substantial, and they are big changes in my life. I’m hoping that these goals will end up turning into habits by the end of the month. I’m most excited about starting a plant-based lifestyle. This is something I’ve been throwing around and doing on and off all year long, so it should be interesting to see how things go! I’m also hoping that this will break my eating disorder cycle that’s been hitting me pretty hard lately.

I hope all of you have an amazing night and I’ll check in soon!




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